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    How do you insert a 'pause' in a phone number?


      Since I've had to wait several weeks for my Incredible to arrive, I've read the manual a couple times over and have found some interesting things. However, one thing I cannot find, is a method on how to add a 'pause' (whether it be a 'comma' or a 'p') to a phone number. I have a need for this, as I have to call in to a vmail system to retrieve work messages, and I do not want to have remember all the extensions and passcodes in my head.


      I know some phones have an interface to clearly say to insert a pause, and others use the comma character, or in the case of my current phone (a BlackJack II) it uses the 'p' character.


      So, any of you that have received your Incredible, how do you insert pauses in a contact's phone number?


      Thanks! Still patiently waiting on mine to be shipped (ordered 6/19).