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    Pictures won't save to SD card


      I'm having trouble trying to figure out how to save the pictures I take on my Incredible on the SD card.  It is set to save them there from the camera settings, but they aren't.  I can see all of my older pictures that were already on my SD card, but anything I take with the Incredible gets saved in the "camera shots" folder.  When I plugged the Incredible into the computer, I could see the pictures that were already on the SD card, but non of the new pictures in the "camera shots" folder are there.  I feel like I'm missing something, because as far as I know, it is set to save to the SD card.  Even downloading the Asrto app didn't help.  That doesn't even see the pictures saved in "camera shots".  Help would be greatly appreciated.  I haven't been able to find anyone else with this problem yet that has fixed it.

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          Couple of things I would try.


          1) Try to see if you can locate the files on the phone storage via a PC USB to see if they're getting saved to the phone and not the SD card. (Disk Drive Mode on phone, then plug USB in PC)

          -If they are saving to the phone memory then the camera save setting is ******* up.


          2) Do a clean reboot, start the camera app, see what setting its on. Lets say it's on SD memory. Change it to phone memory, exit the camera app, now reboot. Open camera app and check what setting it's on. 

          -If it stayed on phone memory thats good, now set it to SD memory and repeat to see if the setting is staying after reboot.


          3) Take a pic/vid with the camera set to SD card. Exit the camera app, and reboot phone. Go into the photos app and wait a few minutes for it to show up.


          Are you using any camera apps from the Market? Or task killing the camera app? If so don't and see if this is the problem.

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            Did you ever resolve this problem? I have had it since I got the phone and al I ever find is the same answer.

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              I have photos on my SD card in this directory:




              My camera settings are set to save to the storage card.


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                I have the same directory on my SD card and my camera has always been set to save to the card...it just doesn't.

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                  I find that when you set the camera to save to the SD card, the photos are saved to the SD card in a directory "dcim/100MEDIA". However, when you go to view the photos, they show up in the "camera shots" listing. Now the kicker. If you delete the photos from the SD card, they dissappear from the "camera shots" as well.  I think the program listing is attempting to distinguish between photos that were imported from those actually taken by the internal camera.

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                    We haven't noticed this problem until recently... the Incredible has been displaying an error saying something like storage full clear the data from other applications.  So, we cleared the data from facebook, and the dialer storage (CAUTION: We thought dialer storage was your dialed/received/missed calls... not the case.  We found out it was actually ALL of the text messages). 


                    We also looked at where some other items were storing, and noticed the storage card was almost empty.  All of the photos have been being stored in the phone memory, and NOT the sd card.  The camera settings are set for storage on sd card, but that doesn't seem to make a difference. 


                    The clean reset is pulling the battery, correct?  That's what our VZW rep told us.  If that is true, then the sequence stated above didn't work for us. 


                    It's still being stored on the phone...  Frustrating.  Otherwise, it's a great phone, and have had far less issues with it, than the Droid X.  That thing's a peach!!

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                      I tried really hard to solve this problem after losing a couple of important moments to the droid x blackhole.


                      The solution that worked for me has three steps.  1) First, backup everything in the SD card/dcim folder.  2) Then subsequently delete all folders under the dcim folder while keeping the dcim folder there.   This was a little tricky because of the folder permissions.  But after a couple iterations of trying to delete the items using the PC and using Astro File Manager, I was able to remove everything.  3)  Clear the cache for the gallery and camera applications.  To do this, go to the home screen, press the settings button (the one to the left of the home button), then go "Settings", "Applications", "Manage Applications", "All" tab on the top of screen, then go to Camera and press "clear data".  Do the same thing for the Gallery app.


                      After this, your camera should work.  My theory is that sometimes files become corrupt or have unexpected permissions in the dcim folder.  As a result, the images database does not properly account for all the files in the directory.  By clearing everything out and starting with a new database cache, the camera and gallery should work in harmony once again.

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                        I'm not having the same problem but my problem is that i can not view my gallery. My pictures are still on my SD card and show up in my DCIM folder, but when i try viewing my gallery it wont work and then it makes my camera quit working. I have no clue what to do?

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                          I'm having the same problem as Countrygirl114, well, sort of....my pics and music are still viewable on when connected to my pc, so they're still on my card, however, when I go to the music app, no music found, and same in pic gallery.