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    MiFi - Steady red light


      Documentation doesn't make mention of a steady red power indicator.  I've had this unit for over a year with no problems to speak of.  We mostly use it with laptops and iPods as we go down the road and occasionally as a backup when the cable modem flakes out.


      This morning I was using it to surf the web for the cable provider's phone number to report an issue with the cable modem.


      After about 30 minutes of usage (it was not fully charged) the light blinked red and it shut down.  I plugged in the A/C adapter and the light went steady red (not amber) After being connected all day it is still steady red and I cannot get the unit to power on.  After unplugging the adapter the light remains steady red for 10-15 seconds before turning off.  Pressing the power button for any length of time from 1 second to a minute gives no response at all.


      Thoughts?  Suggestions?