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    Customer care sucks


      I was just treated like a piece of **** by the customer service dept. I was yelled at and was not given any reason why my bill is so high and keeps changing every month. I keep getting the answer I owe for June and July when June is not over and July is not here yet. They say I owe past balances but can't explain for what or why I owe so much, It don't add up. I wish I had not just signed another contract just treated like ****. What every happened to customer service. I kept getting told I was wrong and my service was suspended until I paid the amount but the couldn't explain why. Verizon phones are OK but the service is enough to make me not go back.

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          You can go on this site and go on My Verizon. Then you can look up all your usages (text,data and phone) and see exactly what you are being charged for.  You can also look up past months. Are you getting charged for data? Are you going over you allotted minutes? Are you going over your allotted texts? Print it out so you have something to look at then call CS back if there are errors. Also maybe you are not sure of your bill date. It may end before the month ends. My bill is due the 20th of each month even though my billing cycle ends on the 25th and both those dates are before the month ends.


          Also be sure noone else has access to your phone or if you are on a family plan that noone else is going over their minutes.