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        I've actually did a little research for you and I didn't come across anything that fit your needs as far as a great equalizer app. I'm pretty sure there's something in the works in the Android Market for an Equalizer app. Just be on the lookout for it. Hope this helped!:smileywink:

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          Thanks for checking. I knew it was a hard one. I been looking really hard. Must be a reason nobody has done this app yet.

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            There is a music player platnium edition which includes an EQ in it. Not free though. I'm not quite sure why this hasn't been done yet either. Hopefully mortplayer for Android will be using one before too long. Mortplayer for your music/audiobook players of choice.
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              @dabubbakin, You're very welcome! But there are apps out there for it, but they have so many glitches and bugs within their system and I felt that it wouldn't be helpful if I had given you the links and the apps do not function properly. You know, I want the apps to be something you were looking for and obviously they were not up to par, but I will keep researching to find what you need!:smileywink:

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                The only app I have found so far for the Incredible that has an equalizer is Astro Beta Player. Let alone that this is one of the worst media player apps on the open market, the fact is that the functionality of the EQ is even worse. I uninstalled it as fast as I installed. Why HTC has not come up with a functional EQ for the Incredible is mind boggling. And for those that are of the ilk that the developers have spent ample time in R&D shaping the sound of your device to be "sonically" perfect, tell me, how much time did they spend shaping the make of the ears/speakers that you are plugging in to the device? For that matter, did they spend any time testing each of our ears to be sure that our device is properly matched to our individual ears? Yes, I would have to say that, sadly, one one the most important missing pieces of the Incredible puzzle is the lack of a good EQ. 

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                  The other important thing lacking from the the Incredible is a good music player... It's adequate, but that's as far as I'll go with it.

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                    Thanks everyone... I most def will keep my eyes peeled for a decent EQ. Maybe someday we'll get a sweet music slash EQ player. I can only dream.... but remain hopeful.