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    Change Secondary MDN to Primary - How Is NE2 Affected?


      My primary MDN currently qualifies for NE2 and is on month-to-month billing. My secondary MDN is also on month-to-month billing and qualifies for discounted upgrade.


      I know I can transfer the NE2 credit to the secondary MDN with a new contract on the primary MDN. However, that's not what I want to do.


      I would like to change the primary MDN to be the secondary on the account and change the secondary MDN to be the primary on the account. What happens to the NE2 on the current primary MDN that will become secondary? Do I lose it because the MDN is now the secondary? Or, will it "transfer over" to the new primary MDN with the swap (remember the new primary is the current secondary)?


      What if I use the NE2 now and establish a new 2-year contract on the primary MDN. Will I be able to swap which is primary and which is secondary or will I get hit with early termination on the primary (which I want to become secondary)?