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    Customer Service while traveling Internationally


      I am currently on business in India and would like to contact customer service but am unable to do so through the 1-800 number. I have sent e mails through the website but have received no response. My inquiries are regarding possible international calling plans that would allow me to not be charged full roaming fees. I have an HTC Droid Eris which is not a world phone but still works here, apparently because of other CDMA networks here. I would also like to pay my bill for this month but am apprehensive to do so online because of India being known for very poor internet security and frequent credit card scamming. Any response would be very appreciated.

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          I am sorry to hear you are having trouble contacting Customer Service while traveling internationally. I have researched some information and will be glad to  provide you with a number you can contact Customer Service while out of the United States.


          • CDMA – 1 908-559-4899 
          • GSM - 1 908-559-4899 

          You can also dial 908-559-4899 from a non Verizon Wireless device or landline


          I hope this information is helpful to you! Please let us know if you are still experiencing difficulties contacting Verizon Wireless.