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    Air Time, data time and Minutes on Droid


      I've looked around the forum and am still not sure if my question / answer is there... so I'll post to the group.


      I don't currently have a Droid, but am looking into it.  I'll look harder after Verizon goes to a tiered data plan. 


      Can anyone tell me if the GPS App goes towards my data plan?  I'm assuming it does, since it's pulling data down..


      I currently have my Google Voice as one of my Friends/Family #'s, so my voice minute use is pretty minimal.  I'd see in other forum entries that the GV calls do go against the Voice minutes, but it also sounded like there was some dispute over that...

      If I initate a call from the GV web application, it will dial my cell #.. and if it reads as my GV # (Friends/Family), shouldn't that be a 0 use of minutes?


      Was the use of minutes only if you use a GV App? 


      Thank you in advance...