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    Connect HTC Incredible to PC


      I would like to be able to connect my Incredible to a PC in order to move mp3s back and forth.  If I used the CDROM that came with the Incredible and installed the Verizon program that is on that disc, will I be able to connect the Incredible and the PC regonize it?  It is an XP comptuer.

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          The ability to syncand transfer files is in a file on the phone. Connect your phone to the puter you should see an error. If you disconnect and reconnect again, you should see an option on the phone to open and load the sync program.


          Once loaded when connecting the phone to the PC you will see 4 options on the phones screen;


          Charge Only

          HTC Sync

          Disk Drive

          Mobile broadband connection


          Choose Disk drive and you can transfer back and forth very easily.


          I wonder what is on the CD. Mine did not come with one.

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            Thanks!  I'll try this when I get home.


            The disc auto-plays and want to install some VZ software that seems to allow for tethering.  I have no need of any such and will not install it.