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        This might be a Easy Question but I have Unlimited Data on My Verizon Wireless Phone. Can someone Please tell me what is included with Unlimited Data?? Is this Unlinmited Time on the Internet, Picture and Video Messaging etc...? Thank You in Advance !!!

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          The unlimited data for $30 a month right?  Picture, text,video,mobile IM are not included in that unlimited data package. You would have to get a messaging package instead to get those features.



          Unlimited Data & Web with Mobile Email

          Data Packages from Verizon Wireless open up a world of possibilities. You can get more done and have more fun with your phone. Check your email, surf the web and download apps, games, Ringtones and more. No matter what you want to do, we’ve got a data package that fits your life. Separate fees apply for Media Center applications, including games and ringtones.