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    Data usage $30 vs $45?


      I have the $29.99/mo data plan for my Curve.  My Verizon says that this is "unlimited," but I was told that $44.99/mo is actually the unlimited version.  I was also told that the $44.99 was only for "corporate users."


      When using applications like youtube and Pandora, I get the warning message "This product will use a large amount of data and you are responsible for all data charges.  Please contact your carrier's customer service to confirm / add an unlimited data plan"


      I want to use these applications but I do not want to switch to the $45 plan.


      Can someone clarify this for me? 

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        Yeah the 29.99 is unlimited but for personal use. Internet, email, etc. (even though there is a 5GB cap on all Verizon Data Packages.)


        the 44.99 is the business one, that you dont need unless you connect to your business email address and you use if for work.

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          Would like to clarify on those T&C's 




          "The Unlimited Data Plans and Features MAY NOT be used for any other purpose. Examples of prohibited uses include, without limitation, the following: continuous uploading, downloading or streaming of audio or video programming or games; (ii) server devices or host computer applications, including, but not limited to, Web camera posts or broadcasts, automatic data feeds, automated machine–to–machine connections or peer–to–peer (P2P) file sharing; or (iii) as a substitute or backup for private lines or dedicated data connections"





          Using the device as a modem is really what this is referring to, where one could easily exceed 5gb by partaking in those...."illegal" activities. (P2P, torrents etc etc) These T&Cs are referring to the Mobile Broadband/Broadbandaccess activity with phones that have such capabilities.



          Using your phone for it's inlaid browser, you have nothing to worry about, that is all a part of the data plan and it is unlimited in regards to using the browser on your phone, there is no overage rate or billing cap in these instances



          VZW will not cancel your service for using your data plan for it's purpose which is inf act Unlimited for the phone itself. Tethering (using your phone as a broadband modem)and such is again, what these T&Cs are referring to. 

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            Sorry to bring up an old post but i pay the 44.99 for both of my Storms which the rep told me that there was NO other option for a data plan, because I was pretty reluctant in getting the phones cause of that but my  desire overcame me. I just use mine for personal use NOT business man IM GETTING RIPPED A NEW ONE. I do have to say I have been with Sprint for many years before switching to Verizon and man what a difference I just cant stand the constant lying and very poor customer service from Verizon I wish I never would of switched.



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              No, the $1.99/megabyte charge is for "regular" cell phones that have no data (VCast) service. Unlike Blackberries and Smartphones, you don't have to buy a data plan with regular phones. However, you can still access the internet and email. Without a plan, you pay a megabyte charge.