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    Droid Eris - Hard Reset


      I seem to be having a lot of the same problems as everyone else in regards to the 2.1 update.  From what I've read, a HARD RESET may solve many of my issues.  Can someone give me step-by-step instructions on how to do this?  Also, I've read that you should back up all your files on to your computer.  Some guidance here would be appreciated as well.



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          From your home screen press Menu > Settings > Privacy > Factory Data Reset.


          Your contacts are already backed up to the email account you have registered with the device. So save any other files you may want - photos, documents, music. You can do this by selecting the Disk Drive option when plugging your device into a PC. Then just drag the files from the phone and drop them on to your desktop.

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            This did seem to solve all my issues I was experiencing...at least from what I noticed.:smileyhappy:  However, not all my contacts were synced back up.  It seems some of the contacts I initially deleted are now on the phone, and some of the contacts I have added in the last couple months are no longer there. :smileysad: Also, I wish I had written down all the apps I downloaded because they are all gone now.  At least my calendar works though, that was my biggest issue since the upgrade.


            thanks for the quick response.