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    Wireless Contract


      I am looking at downgrading or canceling my service with Verizon.  The cost is getting to much for my budget.  My question is:  My contract doesn't end until December I believe (at least that will be the 2 year point), would there be a cancellation fee if I needed to cancel my plan?  If I needed to downgrade my plan to just one phone is or the plan it self, can I do this since my contract doesn't end until December?


      Thank you for your help!

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          There is a ETF (early termination fee) if you cancel your service before your contract end date. You do have the option to change your price plan to a lower plan. Hope this helps!

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            I'm a little confused - you said "downgrade plan to just one phone" - does that mean you are on a family plan with more than one line right now?  Each line has it's own cotnract and end date....and if you agreed to a 2 year contract for both of those lines, then cancelling one line would involve an ETF if you had not fulfilled the two years agreed to in the beginning.  The ETF is $175 less $5 for each month completed of the 2 year agreement.  If your current contract ends in December, that means 18 months completed.  $175 - ($5x18) = $85 ETF fee.


            If you are the primary number on the account, you can log in to MyVerizon and see when each line's contract ends.


            You can also change your plan and reduce minutes, eliminate texting, etc,  to try and cut costs.  That will not change your contract end date at all.