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    connecting laptop to internet via cell phone


      I heard i can use my cell phone to connect my laptop to the internet, i currently have a lg envy touch , with a 25 megabyte plan which would not be enough as I am wanting to get rid of current dsl plan and wanting to use my wireless plan as my only paid source of internet connection in my home. 


      I can upgrade plan to unlimited for 29.99 per month which is what i currently pay for my home dsl.  I was told by verizon rep i could use a smartphone ( droid/ droid incredible) to set up a wireless connection in which i could also use my ipod and nintendo dsi to connect to internet as well at the same time as the laptop.


      So my thinking is i add another line to my 2100 minute family plan for additional monthly cost of 9.99 get the droid for 199.99 with the unlimited plan of 29.99 bringing my total monthly bill to 170.00 minus taxes. I currently only use about 900-1000 minutes but the savings of dropping minutes just doesnt seem worth it to me as I have children on my plan and their minutes will increase at some point and I would rather be locked in to a plan that gives me more than needed.


      So I am wondering if others on this forum could give me their opinion/advise?


      Does anyone else use the unlimited 29.99 plan as their only source of internet connection? and how fast/slow etc?


      If it matters I will be using the internet connection in Pasadena Texas and mainly we use the internet for general searches on basic info, job searches, facebook,  ipod music, no gaming or anything complicated, just a typical basic internet family use.



      Thank you so much!