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    MIFI 2200 Connection Issues


      I have a MiFi 2200 wireless device. I can connect to it and the internet from my blackberry, iphone, and macbook pro.  I'm having a problem with my Dell D830 laptop running Windows XP SP2.  It is strange, I can connect to the device via WiFi and get back an IP address, correct subnet mask, default gateway, and DNS server. 


      However, when it comes to connecting accessing the Internet via a web browser the browser attempts to connect to a site but never resolves the URL.  Further, when I try to ping the MiFi device or connect to the admin interface via http, I get no response.  My macbook is connected and when I log into the device from the macbook Ii can see that my Dell laptop is connected.  However, again I can't ping the macbook or the MiFi device from my laptop.  The macbook cannot ping my Dell laptop either.


      Any ideas?