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    Micro SD cards and the incredible?


      I have a 4gb micro sd card in my phone now, i was wondering if this would be enough for the incredible. I save all of my photos/videos on the card, ringtones, pretty much anything i dont want taking up the phones memory. I know the incredible has 8gb of memory but i am unsure as to how quickly that will be used up with the different apps/widgets that i am going to install. Also is 16gb the maximum size the phone can handle for a micro sd card?

      Thanks in advance.

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          It depends on your usage. Do you have a lot of videos and pictures? Video takes a lot of space on memory. If I was you, You can purchase a 4GB card for what? 20 bucks? Why not spend 5-10 more bucks to double it! Some apps and such I know that you download for droid won't save to the card or vice versa.  And yes, 16 GB is the most you can put into your phone. If I was you, I would go a minimum of 8 GB SD card. But again it goes with your usage, lots of pics and videos and music = lots of memory. I personally would not use less than 8 GB. I have a 16 in my Incredible.

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            yeah....4 is plenty if it's mostly for apps and pics. and really, you can hold a lot of music with 4.......but if you want to put all your music on it and will be loading/taking video, then you'll want at least 8....and really if you just break down now and get a 16 gb....then you may actually be able to use it in your next phone (when we'll all prolly be talkin 32 or 64 in like a year or 2....lol). the 4 is good for now so just watch the ads or shop aroung online because if you look hard and wait, you can get a 16 gig for $20.

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              thanks for the responses. Just to let you all know, never buy SD cards from any major retailer including verizon. They overprice these things like crazy. i bought my 4 gb on ebay for maybe 6$ and it is a sandisk, which is a well known brand. I just checked and a 16 gb is only 25$, i believe thats what bestbuy wanted for a 4gb last time i was there.