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    Txt msg usage alerts?


      I had my myVerzion.com account setup so that it would automatically be sent a txt msg when I hit a certain level of voice usage or txt msg.   For instance I have a 500 msg/month plan.  I had my account setup to automatically send me a msg when I used 400 txt msgs.  I did a similar thing for voice.  I had this setup for over a year and they were working good.  Then a few months ago I stopped getting the alerts.


      I want to set these alerts back up again.  However, I can't seem to find a way to do this anymore.  There's now a "Usage Control" that you can setup on the account for $5/mo.  But I don't need all the functionality of usage controls.  I just want a text msg alert when my usage hits a certain level.


      I called Verizon Customer Support, but they didn't couldn't help me.  They weren't aware of a way to get usage alert msgs other than via signing up the account for "Usage Controls".


      Do anyone know how to do this now?