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    Quad Bundle Package?


      First post to wireless forum.

      Is there any discount if you have FIOS Internet, Home Phone, TV, and wireless phone service? There are bundles with three but are there for all four? Currently have AT&T and no incentive to switch. Rather like not all my eggs in one basket. But if there were a benifit like I get with my other three services. I have a family plan with 1400 miutes and four phones. It costs a bundle. I have a contract for wireless phone service that I am rather stuck in right now.

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          I do not believe a package called "Quad Play" is currently being offered, but you can certainly bundle your TV, Internet, Home Phone, and Wireless for a discount - in some cases up to 25%.  This would allow you to enroll in OneBill (single invoice for all services as the name implies).  The exact discount depends on the products selected, so you'll need head over to verizon.com and click Bundles from the red navigation bar.


          Let me know if you have any questions.

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            Kudos given for effort. But only see tripple play. Perhaps a link would help, or it is dependent on your locations? I am in Maryland and perhaps the powers to be do not allow it.
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              You can contact the OneBill department directly at 1-877-795-5510. And they would be able to give you the specifics on what type of discount you would be able to recieve, based on what you're wanting to combine into "one bill".
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                Daniel is correct - there used to be a Quad Play option for new customers - but existing customers 'may' add on Wireless for a discount - but it's dependent on a few factors - most of them I am not aware of.


                One of the few times I'd suggest calling.

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                  Actually, MD customers can order online too and get a better deal rather than calling in.  Currently, we are offering $5.00 off per month for twelve months for our Triple Play bundles that include our a Freedom Home Phone service, internet (Verizon High Speed Internet or FiOS), and TV (DIRECTV billed through Verizon or FiOS TV). 


                  You can also choose to add Verizon Wireless to your online order and get instant online discounts for your wireless equipment.  When you order through the business offices, you have to send in a Mail-In Rebate.  Plus, there are often special additional discounts on certain phones that the business offices are not able to offer.  

                  To get the best offer, go to: https://www22.verizon.com/ForYourHome/GoFlow/NationalBundles/NatBundlesQualify.aspx The "Verizon Bundles-Bring it all together and save" page appears. To place your order you choose either of the below paths: 


                  1.       Select the Freedom Triple Play and add new Verizon Wireless Service when he gets to the “We Also Suggest” page near the end of the order, or


                  2.       Click the “Get Started” button at the bottom of the page next to “Don’t see what you want” and select all four services on the “Verizon Services” page 


                  Let me know if you need more help with your online order.

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