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    Droid Eris 2.1 Constanst Sync and Battery Drain


      Ever since the 2.1 Android update to my wife's HTC Droid Eris phone, there is a problem of the phone constantly running sync over and over. It drains the battery quickly. If I go to Settings...Accounts & Sync, it shows Sync completing and then starting again, again, etc. I went into Gmail Sync and it seemed to show Contacts and Calendar syncing over and ove. If I am in the main sync page and hit Cancel Sync, it stops the problem...for a while. It could be an hour, it could be 8 hours, but it always has the problem again at some point. I did a search and could not find anybody mentioning this problem. Does anybody have any suggestions? Is this a known issue? I would rather not try the factory reset route if at all possible.  Powering off the phone does not fix the issue. Thanks in advance.

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          I have the same problem.  I've tried all kinds of things based on browsing through various forums.  I found that using Task Panel and flagging apps that constantly run in background to autokill seems to help moderately.  Also, some of the tips in the link below also help a little bit:




          I've recently noticed that my phone keeps switching between EVDO to 1XRTT...not sure if this is causing the battery to drain faster...not sure how to stop it...are you having that problem too?  This constant switching seems to happen most while texting.  Not sure if this is why texting is sooooooo incredibly laggy since the 2.1 update.  I welcome any guidance that anyone can provide...I still love my eris...but the battery drain and laggy performance is frustrating!

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            I had sent an email to Verizon last night and they called this morning. After some time on the phone with technical support, trying various settings, pulling the battery, and finally doing a factory reset, they are sending a new phone out today. I'll post back here if that resolves the issue.

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              Has there been any success with this yet? I just got my Eris last Saturday, it was operating fine until this past Wednesday. The same problems you all describe started after I tried charging the phone solely through USB on my laptop. It charged for 2.5 hours in the evening, by the time I woke up the next day, it was completely dead. At work yesterday, I tried charging it again through USB only, it was on there for at least 8 hours and it never fully charged back up. I don't know if this is normal for the USB charging, but it seems to be the only correlate to when the syncing won't stop.



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                I bought my Eris in March and I have already had to have them send me one phone and now I am waiting for a second phone.  They will just send you an "Certified Pre-Owned Phone".  The part of this that makes me mad it that they might test it for a minute and they don't see the issues we have with them and say they are fine.  There was a valid reason why someone sent that phone back in the first place and they just pass the buck and send that phone out to someone else hoping they don't experience the same issues.  I talked to a rep at the store and they tell me they cannot control wheather they send out a new phone or a used phone.  Just be catious when you get the "new" phone becasue it will probably be worse the the one you have.  Also if it has not been upgraded to Android 2.1 I would just leave it alone and keep using the Androis OS 1.5.  And if I get another defective phone, I  am gonna go to AT&T and get me an iPhone. At least they have their bugs worked out.  Good luck with your new phone.  Let me know how it turns out.

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                  All I can say is "DITTO!"  I just got my new Eris HTC a few days ago and am VERY disappointed at the lack of battery power.  Never have I owned a phone that needed to be charged twice a day!  This is ridiculous!!  I love the phone itself, and have locked myself into a 2 year agreement.......but if this continues Verizon is going to have to do keep me a happy camper.  I too have tried every single suggestion on the web to maintain a charge, and even checked the actions twice to make sure I did them right.  Am charging now overnight and will see how it goes tomorrow with use.  It's not like I'm using the unit every minute of the day, actually very low usage.  Not happy and wish I would have chosen another type of phone.  My daughter has an iPhone and has no trouble at all like this and she uses her constantly.


                  Hopefully if I continue to have this problem Verizon will change phones out for me at no charge.  They need to stand by their products at the very least.

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                    I finally broke down and did the full factory reset. I don't know why, but it did help the battery life. I'm now averaging about 12-20 hours of battery life before it shuts down, depending on use. I had a lot of downloaded apps before I upgraded. The reset forced me to have to re-download everything...and so far, so good. I love the phone again...it's like brand new. One annoying quirk is that my contact pics keep reverting back to the facebook one, even though I chose to link it to a different picture...but I think I can live with it.
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                      My wife's replacement phone has not had the constant sync problem where it drains the battery quickly.  We even upgraded it to 2.1. However, she's now having the problem where the ring goes silent after a while and she misses calls. She also can't hear people and they can't hear her. Restarting the phone temporarily fixes it. It seems this is a common issue, sadly.