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    Can I leave the MiFi charger plugged in?


      I just installed my new MiFi 2200 yesterday, and it works great. I am now trying to find the optimal location for the device, meaning where it will receive the best signal from the tower. When I find this spot, it will become the permanent location for the MiFi 2200, except when I am traveling. I want to know if I can leave the charger plugged in to the wall and connected to the 2200 at all times. Will this cause damage to the battery or the MiFi itself? I contacted Verizon tech support and have received conflicting answers about this. One even said to remove the battery and leave the charger connected for a more powerful signal. Any help I can get regarding this will be appreciated.

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          After a HUGE bill, I was told by one Verizon employee that it was because I was leaving the MiFi plugged in.  According to them, even if I disconnected via VZAccessManager when I got offline, other wireless devices would try to connect to the MiFi.  Didn't sound right... but just thought I'd share my experience.

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            You can leave the mifi plugged in.  As for the huge bill, that had to be something else.  For someone else to use the network, they either would have had to hack into it or it is open and anybody can access it.  Without the password, they should not be able to get in.


            When the mifi is on and nobody is accessing it, there is hardly any data usage occuring.  Another thought is if you have a Wii or anything setup to connect, this could be causing unknown data usage.

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              we leave ours plugged in all the time and our 2 computer left on - and connected to keep our email refreshed but we have turned off automatic window updates and are prepared to turn off anti-virus updates if need be but not needed. We stay well under the 5gib cap even with both computers "online" continuously.


              Now .. if someone is sending mega file attachments to you via email.. then that would be something to think about.


              the thing about this is - that window updates can be large and our strategy is to NOT DO big window updates via the MiFi (small ones yes) .. so we connect to wi fi broadband to do the big updates.


              as they say.. your mileage might differ....  for instance, we do not watch full length videos or pay online games - at least the kind that consume bandwidth.



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                Why isn't there a definitive answer for this seemingly simple question?


                My MiFi is 10 days old.


                I've been told by the rep at the Verizon store that I can use it while plugged in on AC power, but no info on how long it needs to be charged or how long it can stay plugged in.


                I was told via email by a Verizon tech that "Regrettably the MIfi 2200 cannot be connected to an AC charger and provide a wifi connetion simultaneously. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause."


                That is not the case - in fact, that is how it does work! It does not provide wifi when using the USB to the computer.


                When I ask this specific question - how long can it stay plugged in, I never get a straight answer.


                I find the battery life to be very poor with this device - 1 1/2-2 hours at most, and I am not a heavy user. I have asked three times if the battery is defective and needs to be replaced and have not yet had that question answered.


                As this is still under the 30 day trial, I guess I'll need to go back to the Verizon store where I bought it and see what they can offer.


                Verizon's techs are really not very helpful - I also had one tell me that the overage charge for a 5gb MiFi account was 25 cents a MB - when everything else I have - my contract, website info etc. says 5 cents. That was confirmed by another tech, but again - conflicting messages which don't inspire confidence in Verizon.







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                  I've had my MiFi card since just after it was made available by Verizon.  I leave mine plugged in all the time.

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                    Thanks for the reply. I've read that in some of the forums.


                    Here's the latest email I received from Verizon on the question:


                    " I would recommend to only leave the device plugged in when you feel as if you will use it longer than the battery will last.  


                    Also keep in mind that the when using the device as a Hotspot the battery life will be reduced.  


                    Your MIFI 2200 has an advanced charger that will not over charge the wireless phone [sic MIFi], however please do not keep it plugged in for an unnecessary amount of time like hours when not in use."




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                      Ours is plugged in 24/7 with one computer connected to it 24/7 and the other one get's on to it whenever it wants to connect - I'd say more than 6 months now...   24/7 ... hooked up to wall AC using a $5 charger that had the correct mini-connector that fit the MiFi.  (but you could also use the car charger connected to a AC-12v adapter.. I have one of them and that works also).


                      we use less than 2 GB a month .... 


                      HOWEVER - we do NOT do Windows Updates or for that matter any automatic updates until we see the size. If the size is small, we go ahead but if the size is large - we move the computer to a cable or wi fi broadband to do the update.



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                        I'm wondering if anyone found a way to just leave the Mifi plugged in 24/7 without worrying about long-term damage to the battery? Supposedly, constant charging of a Li-ion battery reduces its life.  My charger even has a tag that says not to leave the Mifi plugged in longer than is necessary to charge the battery.  I tried removing the battery and plugging the Mifi to the charger, to no avail.


                        The whole point of getting this Mifi is to have the convenience of leaving the Mifi in the sweet spot where the best signal is, have wireless internet when I need it, and not have to plug in, charge, unplug, turn on, use till discharged, repeat the whole process...which can happen several times in a day.  It gets really annoying, prompting me to want to leave the device plugged in all day with total disregard to the life of the battery.


                        That being said, is there some kind of adapter than can only send "charge" juice to the Mifi when it is drained and stop sending juice when it reaches full charge?  I would think that technology would be standard, but  I guess there wouldn't be a reason to upgrade or buy new batteries once they die.

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                          So you are saying that you leavve the MiFi plugged in all the time, but you use a different charger than the one that came with it? Why?


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