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          I am not currently aware there is an actual ability to make a ringback tone, I know that with the tonemaker program you can make ringtones, but as far as ringback tones, to my knowledge, they are only available for purchase via the Media store on vzw.com or the media center/get it now option on your device.
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            I have the same question, so let me just throw in an echo of your request.  I am a musician and want callers to hear a sample of my music when they call.  You'd think they would HAVE to give us a way to do this!


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              They don't HAVE to do anything.  It's simple business practice... they want you to buy their own products and services as to increase revenue.  Yes, it would be nice if there was software of some sort, or even an application through VZW itself, that would allow customers to make their own ringback tones.  Problem being, copyright laws and regulations come into play... as 99% of people would more than likely use illegally downloaded music.  I doubt VZW wants to be liable for millions of customers pirating ringback tones.
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                Winnins03 - okay, let me clarify - they HAVE to do it if they want to continue with me being a customer.  Happy now?  As you say, "It's simple business practice..." If they don't give me what I want, then I go elsewhere.  If no one offers it, then I either make the solution myself or get a group together to show that a company would benefit greatly by offering such services, and wait for that company to listen - when they have - then our group goes to that company in repayment for giving us the service we want.  As you say, "It's simple business practice..."


                While they are off topic, I'll address the other two items you brought up:  1.  Copyright: straw argument; 2. 99% of the people?  Hmm, you gotta hang around a better crowd if that's your outlook on what "the people" are like!  :smileyhappy: 

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                  i didn' mean i don't wanna pay it....i wanna pay and use.....


                  like Helio company, i can set other country songs.....

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                    Since the ringback tone is not stored on the phone but on Verizon's servers they would be responsible for any missuse. Also, it would be necessary to have you upload it to their server which would open a big hole for anyone wanting to upload a virus.


                    They might make it possible to upload sounds to your PIX PLACE at some point and use them as ringback tones. They'll have to rewrite a few thousand lines of code, but they might. They'd still have to oversee the usage or missusage somehow though.



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                      fuzzystradjazz:  Simmer it down, killer.  You stated your opinion, I stated mine.  I believe it is a public forum and one can express their own views as they please.  No reason at all to hit "pwn" mode where you attempt to cut a complete stranger down with useless words.  Laughable, but not necessary on a forum meant to help people and distribute information.


                      Moving on...


                      Technology is constantly changing, and I'm sure it's only a matter of time that something like "make your own ringback tone" will be available, following strict policies I'm sure (as VZW is liable for rbt's to the fullest extent).  I find it incredibly amusing that something as simple as a ringback tone could push someone to leave a company that has otherwise been at least decent.


                      People have become obsessed and selfish when it comes to cell phones.  What was once a luxury, is now a necessity.  And whereas a lot of people do use their cell phones as their only phone, use it for work, etc., the Communication Industry does not directly cater to one person.  They don't come up with new policies or products on their own... it is entirely based on industry trends and the feedback of a vast amount of consumers.


                      By all means, start a group to bring this idea to the table.  I'm sure if it gains enough momentum to actually get to a noticeable status, the company would be happy to see what can be done... all to satisfy the consumers (not consumer).


                      Have a wonderful day! :smileyvery-happy:

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                        I have just read these forums for the first time today. I think it is a great idea. As I am sure Verizon thinks also. I suspect they have done this for multiple reasons. One being to reduce the number of calls they have to answer on their customer service lines (business reason) Two so they can read them and gain ideas on improving their already great product and service thus keeping customers and gaining new ones (Business reason) I read some of the responses to a very reasonable and good request. The ability to create a custom ring back tone. I see explanations and responses being very defensive and negative and even question the accuracy. I my self work for a large corporation as a computer programmer analyst. Everything we do is for business reasons with possibility the exception of environmental but even that ultimately is for business. We welcome any suggestions from our customers it helps us write a better product. Not that we do all of them or it does not make business since to do them. But we still gain in the knowledge of what a customer wants. I question the statement of having to change thousands of lines of code to accomplish this. And it very well could but I would say the person writing this does not have the knowledge to say it. And I would bet that from a programming stand point is has not been looked at so no one knows. From the copy right stand point I would think they hold more water but impossible to over come. If you held that logic then this forum would not be here I believe Verizon would be held liable for a copyright infringement on here also. In closing I would hope the person being so negative and defensive does not work for Verizon if he does his supervisor needs to have a conversation with him. You should not be challenging what is brought up on these forums only acknowledging the request and seeing that the appropriate people are made aware of it. This is not the place to try to justify a companies stance on a service provided or not only to clarify the how to's. And if this person is not a Verizon employee then why should he care. Bottom line the suggestion is a good one and could be good for the business if done correct. And charged appropriately for the service. And by the way changing thousands of lines of code is maybe a 2 week at most task for a single programmer. I have done it in 3 days. I am sorry for the length of this but someone hit a sore spot with me.


                        Thanks for your patients



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                          Verizon Wireless will be making custom ringback tones available for business customers. These are 30 second informational ringback tones not music. If you require professional assistance in developing your ringback tone the charge is 299. If you have your own 30 second recording (think radio commercial) then the charge to upload it is $50. The monthly charge for custom ringback tones is 1.99.


                          This will be available for business with 50+ lines of service.


                          Although this is different than what we've been discussing it is related and shows a promising possibility that custom ringback tones may someday be possible for the regular user.