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    Asurion Insurance


      I had this Asurion insurance package on my phones. I was asked by Verizon to buy it for them, The agreement was a $50 deductible. I paid these criminals my monthly fee every month. When I needed to use the policy i was told I had to now pay $90.

      The definition of criminal is to offer a service for money and then not deliver what was promised. They claimed a letter changing this agreement was sent out. I didn't see it nor "agree" to it.

      Shame on this company for being rip-offs. Shame on Verizon for using them or promoting this kind of ****.

      Verizon has been my cell company since before  they were airtouch. I hope they have more integrity than this and haven't gotten so big as to not care about their customers.

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          Have you upgraded your device since 05/17/2009? For all new device upgrades and device sales effective 05/17/2009, Total Equipment Coverage and Asurion Wireless Phone Protection pricing and deductibles will be specific to the type of device enrolled in the program. The two tiers are Advanced Devices and Phones.  


          PricingTEC(total equipment coverage)Asurion WPP(wireless phone protection)EW(extended warranty)
          For all new device upgrades and sales on or after 05/17/2009.
          Price per month - Phones
          • $5.99 per month (phones)
          • $7.99 per month (advanced devices)
          • $4.49 per month (phones)
          • $6 per month (advanced devices)


          $1.99 per month
          Deductible (non-refundable)

          $39 (phones) or $89 (advanced devices) on fulfilled insurance (lost, stolen, damaged) claims

          $39 (phones) or $89 (advanced devices) on fulfilled insurance (lost, stolen, damaged) claims




          Until you upgrade to a new device, the existing pricing and deductibles remain:
          Price per month$5.99 per month (until 05/16/2009)
          • $4.99 per month (until 05/16/2009)
          • $50 deductible
          $1.99 per month
          Deductible (non-refundable)
          • $50 on fulfilled insurance (lost, stolen, damaged) claims
          • No deductible for EW claim
          $50 on fulfilled insurance (lost, stolen, damaged) claimsNone
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            How the **** does one end up with A TEC Asurion charge when the subscriber never requested any type of insurance at all!!


            Don't tell me that Verizon, as big as it is, has to resort to such underhanded tatics such as this.

            It amounts to nothing short of "Corporate Greed"!!

            I am appauled!!

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              It appears that each and everyone of us must scrutinize their monthly bill each and EVERY month to seek out these "hidden charges"!!

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                Mistakes do happen, and that's why you're quite correct, you should review your bill every month so that you can report any incorrect charges immediately.  If you catch them quickly, Verizon will generally offer a full credit.

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                  Hi Morgan,


                  Could you please explain the coverage AndroidX has?


                  I was NOT aware there was a "deductible" involved!


                  So you know Sprint replaced my phone completely, (with a refurbished, yes) but DID NOT charge me a dime.


                  If I am paying every month to get a $90 bill, I'd rather buy a repacement on ebay.




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                    At Sprint was it due to a Manufacture issue? VZW replaces those for free as well. but if it is due to "Customer fault" thats when insurance steps in, AND like your car insurance(which I hope to GOD you have it) there is a deductible to use their service. A phone that retails over $400 you get for less than 1/4th the price.
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                      You are so right in what a rip-off the Insurance coverage is now.  I have had my phone for over a year, have paid the stupid $5.99 a month PLUS taxes and now they want $99 to ship me the same phone?  What kind of insurance is that?  I can buy the freaking phone on eBay for a whole lot less.  I am just so very glad our plan is just about up because this is the last time I will ever have Verizon cell.  They are WAY too expensive and you get nothing for your protection.  Watch out Verizon.  You're not at the top of the leaderboard anymore and more and more people are leaving.  I have never talked to ONE person who has been happy with your service.  I was until this happened.  But apparently there will be many more like me to follow as they try to make their claims too and I will let everyone I talk to know what ****** service you really do provide and do so charging DOUBLE what you can get elsewhere.

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                        Yep. As quickly as 60-90 days. They are incredibly quick at CHARGING you a fee, terribly slow at refunding it.

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                          What happens if your phone is worth less than $400?

                          Also, the chart provided with "deductibles" is not very helpful. Can you provide a better break-down of what the $5.99/mo plan offers in the case of "customer fault"?

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