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    Stop Voicemail text notifications?


      I would like to stop the text message alerts I get each time I have new voice mail. I already have a little icon on my BB homescreen that tells me I have unheard voice mail. I do not need a text message in addition to that. Can this be done?

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          Try this.


          To change voice mail alerts, complete the following steps:

          1. From the Home screen of the BlackBerry smartphone, click Profiles > Advanced.
          2. Highlight the notification profile you want to update and display the menu.
          3. Click Edit > SMS.
          4. Change the settings to reflect how you want new voice mail message alert notifications to function.
          5. Display the menu and click Save.
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            I followed your suggestion and believe it answers a different question. As near as I can tell, the options you pointed out to me control how my BB responds when it receives all text messages, not just voice mail notifications. What I want is an option to keep the network from sending SMS messages every time a caller leaves a new voice mail on my mobile number or to otherwise keep those SMS voicemail notifications from reaching my BB message folder.