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    Screen shuts off during calls


      This problem just recently started on my Eris with phone calls incoming and outgoing. The screen shuts off  immediately after dialing or answering the call. When the calls ends, it doesn't come back on until the caller on the other end hangs up (and then it takes it's sweet time!)  I can't hang up. If I've called a number where there are prompts to enter menu number options, I'm **bleep** because the screen is off. I checked the screen time-out option and it's set to never. Gently shaking doesn't make it come back on. Haven't tried banging it on the table. Anyone else having this issue?

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          There is a sensor that activates during calls so when you put the phone to your ear, it shuts the screen off. Try using a task killer to help reduce sluggishness. If you have to many background apps running would cause the phone not to respond in some cases.

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            Thanks for the suggestions. I really don't have many apps running in the background and haven't added anything since this problem started. I have a task killer which might help with the sluggishness, but this is really annoying not being able to hang up a call because the screen won't come back on.  Maybe I need to visit the friendly Verizon store and see what they have to say about it.  So not looking forward to that encounter!