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        I've had this phone for about 6 months now. It was given to me as a Christmas gift to replace my Blackberry Curve, which took an unexpected dip in the lake. At first, the phone looked cool with the touchscreen keyboard, internal qwerty keyboard, 3.2mp Camera with Auto Focus, Video Camera, Media Player, and so on. Well, 6 months later and the problems I've had are the touchscreen freezes for no reason, the phone has turned off unexpectedly, battery life is obvious, and I've had the worst time trying to Sync it up with my pc. The computer picks up the phone, but then it un-syncs itself. I'm so over this phone, and I might not wait for the NE2 to change phones. I'm just done with it.

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          I TOTALLY agree with all these comments. 


          I received my ENV Touch in August of 2009 and by December of 2009 I had the phone replaced twice.


          My first ENV Touch worked great for a little while, then it started shutting off at random times which got very annoying.  I brought it into the store and they sent me a "Like New" refurbished phone.  They would not send me a new phone no matter how much I pushed.  The "Like New" phone was TERRIBLE.  The touch screen was completely off.  You would press on the bottom right and it would click on the top left, it was that horrible.  No matter how many times I tried to recalibrate, it just simply did not work.When flipped open, the buttons on the keypad were all switched around making navigation near impossible.   


          I brought it back to the store and the workers agreed that it was a horrible phone and said how they didn't know how something like that could make it through quality inspection.  Hence, I came to having my third ENV Touch. I've been trying to just deal with the problems for awhile, but I can't take it anymore!  This phone has shut off 9 times during the course of an hour and half meeting that I was attending.  When it is simply sitting on my desk and I receive text messages or phone calls the whole front screen goes completely white and wil not come back without removing the battery.  I have had it up to HERE with this phone!  If anyone from LG or Verizon is reading this, this phone is DEFINATELY hurting your reputation.  I went to the store again yesterday and the customer service rep said she had the same phone and that it does the exact same thing. She said that every phone has problems, there is no perfect phone but this phone doesn't even do what it's supposed to- it's terrible!   WHY ARE YOU STILL OFFERING THIS PRODUCT TO YOUR CUSTOMERS VERIZON??? 

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            I have had my env touch for less than 6 months and I traded it in about a month ago. Of course they gave me the same phone and it to has these problems.  My problems pretty much started from the start and got worse. My phone freezes a lot, usually when I'm charging it. It sometimes says the charger is not the right one. It doesn't have a good connection with the house or car charger. My phone also shuts off and restarts on its own and this is not due to being in my pocket or purse, it does this usually during texting or being online.  When I ask about this phone having issues the store and customer service reps say not really heard of to many issues but when I got on here it is very apparent that there is issues. They have done the update which didn't work and they also placed the paper behind the battery and still no change. I also have someone else on my plan who has this phone and she has traded hers twice and still having problems. We have also had problems with the touch screen messing up. I need to trade my phone again but I know they will just give me another piece of junk so I haven't been in any hurry to do so. I have been with Alltel/verizon for several yrs and I have never had this many issues with a phone before. My husband and brother in law have the the env without touch and have not had issues with theirs.  I really wish Verizon would make this right.

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              I've had my LG enV Touch for a while now. I've had it replaced once, and that was about a month ago. I went to pay my bill at Verizon, and they said that there is a new software update for my phone. I said alright, go ahead and update it. So they did. On the ride home I tried using the browser, and it didn't work at all. It would just keep shutting down. (my old env touch) Then when I was texting it kept shutting down. I finally have had it with the phone and problems, and brought it back. They said that they would send me a "like-new" phone, and when I got that, a few days later it starts shutting off. It doesn't shut off that much, but once a great while. I think I got one of the non-defective phones. The battery life is okay with me I guess, since I just have to plug it in every night. I wouldn't recommend getting this phone until they have all the troubles fixed.

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                Unfortunately I agree with you all on all counts.  It worked fine for a while... then randomly shuts off, freezes, and the battery has always been poor.  BUT... since I upgraded, the new browser hasdrained my battery all the way to the low battery warning within a minute or two several times and I started at full bars.  The old browser was slower but it never drained my battery like this.


                And I am still cranky that more apps never came out.  All the silly monthly subscription apps were a waste of someones time creating them... I can get the weather, ebay, drink recipes, etc.. ONLINE.... of course thats if my battery can hold on long enough till I access the info.


                But seriously... the moment that verizon upped the price on data with this phone to 30 unlimted like a real smartphone... it was doomed for failure.  After all... why pay smartphone prices for a fancy "feature phone"..what a ridiculous term to make it sound like its really a whole lot more special then a non-feature phone... its a stinkin env3 with a a TOUCH screen for petes sake. Verizon.... you could have made this have pretty cool "features" and ya dropped the ball.  but again.. you don't care since everyone wants the smartphones now for the most part anyhow.   Too bad you still have your head too far in the clouds to not be pushing for the iphone....not that I'd get one... but millions want the new one, and they hate ATT and would switch today. 


                If Verizon and ATT don't watch themselves, someone like sprint will creep up, especially with phones like the EVO with 4g and if they makange to get the iphone.

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                  I'm so fed up with this phone!  I've had issues with my LG enV Touch since I first got it in Dec. 09.  I have gotten a replacement phone twice now ("like new" refurbished phone) and still have the same problems.  At first they thought it was the software so they forced the download on it twice, but when it still had the problems they gave me a replacement.  The same day I got that replacement I had the same types of issues after I got home.  After a month or two I got fed up and went back in.  They said "oh, we must have given you a bad one" and gave me another replacement.  So now I'm on my third phone and it has problems also.  I got my first phone not even 6 months ago and so now I'm on my THIRD phone is 6 months. That's ridiculous!  And they said all they can do for me is keep giving me replacements if it keeps happening, until I'm eligible for an upgrade.  Otherwise my choices are to purchase a new phone outright, or get a certified preowned phone for a cheaper price.  Either way I have to PAY for a new phone when all of the ones I've had so far have been a pain!  I don't want this phone anymore, but I have to deal with it until my contact is up.  My issues with it are:


                  reboots itself

                  screen goes black or white, or multicolored when I try to answer a text (not everytime, just once and a while)

                  freezes up and won't do anything no matter what I push, so I have to take the battery out to reset it

                  sometimes when I go to reply to a text it won't type anything

                  the internet seems really slow sometimes even when I have good service

                  when I'm on the internet and using the touch screen sometimes I have to touch the screen several times before it goes to the link I'm touching


                  I feel like there's more, but I can't think of them right now.  Does anyone have any solutions for any of these?  Or any suggestions on how I can get Verizon to give me a different phone without me having to pay anything since I've had to have this one replaced so many times in 6 months?  Please help!  It's getting really annoying to have to deal with these issues.

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                    Hi Folks, I just got the touch the beginning of this month and so far so good. Knock on wood. :smileyhappy: Right now the only beef I have is with the ringer volume. If I have any other beef(s) with this phone, I'll come back to post it.  Hope you folks can get those issues resolved.

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                      My husband & I have used the LG Env Touch for about a year - our major problems are related to the touch screen being non-responsive and/or quirky 50% of the time.  We have not had any software updates & were told by tech support (phone call) that our phones should be updated  so we took them to the Verizon store, as requested. After an hour, the person there said the phones "would not take the updates" - so Verizon would send us replacement phones.  Now that I have read the forum comments about all the problems people are having with these phones, I'm curious if the replacement "refurbished" phones will be worse than our original phones?!?   We will update here after we activate the replacement phones & try them out - they just arrived today - in less than 24 hrs!  So far my experience with tech support for my broadband UM 175 as well as the cell phones has been fairly positive.  The people have been knowledgeable, helpful & have mostly diagnosed the problem & provided a suitable resolution.   

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                        Some cell phones have issues with charging, the keys stop working, or the sound goes dead. If you dropped the phone or leave it in direct sunlight that could damage the phone. Make sure there is a warranty for the phone so incase it does break, you can get it replaced. You can find cell phone chargers too pretty easily on Amazon or Ebay if you lose it.

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                          I think this would be a great phone if it weren't for the rediculously annoying problems it has. At LEAST once a day it resets itself. As in it turns itself off randomly, and when I turn it back on all of my personal settings are restored to factory settings. I still have all my contacts and pictures and stuff, but things like the wallpaper and user preferences are reset.   Also very often it won't "do" things. Like I'll try and check my email but it just loads forever and I have to turn the phone off and turn it back on to get it to work.  And don't get me started on the battery life.

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