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    Droid Incredible Pop3 Outgoing Server Error


      I have a pop3 email account at work that I had running on my Droid Eris with no problems.  My work email is hosted through go daddy and I had no issues with the Droid Eris. 


      When I set up my email account on the Incredible it would accept the incoming server settings fine but no matter what I tried for the outgoing server I get the following message, "Cannot connect to the mail server to verify your account information.  Your server is not responding". 


      By this time I had triple checked my information and it was correct.  So I turn off my mobile network and use wifi to connect to my wireless at home and the setup wizard completes and I can send and receive emails no problem.


      Now I can receive emails anytime but I cannot send any emails from the account without being connected to a wireless network.  For some reason my outgoing mail server cannot be accessed through the mobile network.


      Is anyone else having similar issues?  I hope this is something that can be fixed!




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          An option that worked for me was to set up outgoing mail as IMAP. (Most if not all providers do not like mail sent through their systems from outside the service.


          Start the process to set up outgoing mail.


          Fill in log in and passwords

          Mail setting is IMAP

          Security is SSL

          Outgoing mail server could be anything. mine is mobile.charter.net  It could be outgoing.xxx.xxx  or imap.xxx.xxx or any server name you already use.  So you will have to try different settings

          Port number is 993


          When it tests if it is set upcorrectly you will know. If not, I would keep changing the outgoing server name and keep everything else the same

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            I did also try iMap and it would not work.  Get this though, over the weekend I received an update that was pushed out and now my email is working.


            The update was supposed to salve a problem for exchange users, but my POP3 account is mysteriously working now....


            Thanks for replying to my post.



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              If nothing else works use Gmail.


              You can use their smtp.gmail.com and if you setup your gmail account settings, on the web site, under settings - accounts and import - select send mail from other addresses, follow the prompt to add your mail account - and then select always send messages from the account that they were received from.


              And you should be good. I had to do this with my college email for both thunderbird and my android.