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    5 gigabytes is a joke


      I'm a truck driver and am on the road for 25 to 30 days a month. I have been getting billed for $190 extra on my data packet each month. getting sick of it.



      Does any one know of any  service I can get that is better then 5 gigabytes?


      Say closer to Unlimited.


      My monthly useage is between 25 and 30 Gigs a month.

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          What plan do you currently have?  If you're using 25 GB on a Verizon 5 GB plan, you're paying an extra $1024 per month.

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            Hello, you are capped for two months and will not be bill over an additional 190.00 , If you go over 5gb.again you will be billed @ .05 per Mb.  There is a plan for 199.99 for 10 gb.

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              "There is a plan for 199.99 for 10 gb."


              I'm Sorry, but that is an every worse Joke then the 5 Gigabyte.


              Unlike those people who work in an office, from 10 to 3 then go home, I Do Not have that option of doing that.


              I don't even pay $60 a month for my home connection, and its a 20 Mb/s speed.




              I do have the 5 Gb as part of my Data Package.  From the time I first start this contract, I had no troubles with it, but last month and this months bills have had the $190 extra in the bills.

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                I am a retired flatbedder and know your pain....     In our country, the UK and Australia is the worst internet service in the world except for North Korea.    Until government mandates otherwise business will do as it pleases in blocking and otherwise interfering with competition to our loss.   This will not happen until the big business voices in congress loses it's power and influence over those who are supposed to represent we the people.


                I do not know what to tell you friend but there is one thing you can do that will greatly reduce your downloading.    Start using Firefox 3.x.x (the newest) and get "Adblock Plus" as an add-on.    This will stop downloading usless trash ads and ad flash videos that you have to pay for because they all count against your downloading limit.   


                Every little bit counts.     Good luck.

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                  You never told us who's plan you have, but if it's Verizon, get ready for over $1000 next month.