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    Help with "Assumption of Liability"


      I am the account owner on our family share plan.  Just found out I am elibible to receive a discount because of where I work.  I subscribed and a 15% monthly discount will be effective on my phone line.  Well, thinking my husband might be eligible for the same through his company, I checked and put his info in, but with my ss#, now my account is referencing his workplace but with a 22% discount - Yay!  BUT, I don't think it will happen because he is not the account owner, right??  So in checking online, I see I should do an "Assumption of Liability" switching him to the account owner.  Question - do I have to call Verizon for this or is there somewhere online in my account info that I can make the switch?  I see I can change the account owner phone number to another on the plan, but that won't change the ss#.  Help if possible!  Thanks!