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    Verizon--using Satellie at sea on cruises.. no good for us..help


      have posted this on another forum also..


      have been trying with NO success to use our Verizon phones while we cruise on Holland America lines... they are supposed to w*rk... all others we've spoken to onboard that are using Verizon cell phones w*rk.. not ours...

      we cruise a lot--retired bums..this has been going on since early December.. I have an Env Touch.. wife has an Env3... according to Verizon's site they are supposed to w*rk on these ships .. both are Intl global activated as we can get calls thru from most places we visit in the Caribbean..excapt out at sea.. the satellite system kicks in when the ship is out at sea only.. while in port local country's system is used..

      let me state we were formerly Alltel .. switched over to Verizon last July with their takeover...phones didn't w*rk too well signal wise at the house so they put us on some sort of 'Hybrid' software to use the old Alltel tower system and loaded it into our phones...they said all the Verizon towers haven't been updated and won't be for up to 2-3 years.. wish we would have known that before we switched...I have spoken to 3 managers.. and 2 techs in 2 different Verizon stores in the Myrtle Beach Sc area where we live... no answers for our cruise ship cellphone problem...

      I have spoken to at least 20 verizon Tech support people( not kidding) as well as their Global Intl Techs.. they have no idea what I am talking about... I have called Cellular at Sea the company that runs the satellite system.. http://cellularatsea.com ...they said it's Verizon's Netw*rk and software problem and my phones should w*rk..

      Verizon has a dedicated site for using the phones while cruising.. so far not one Tech has knowledge of this site..

      it's on their Global Intl site at

      could the inclusion of their Hybrid system software be the cause.. no one knows what the problem is.. hard to believe that in a large corp like this. can't get to anyone that can fix it.. we have tried their 'fixes' which can only be tested while out at sea on 3 different cruises since December.. still no good.. got tired of talking to and calling Verizon...

      if anyone has any knowledge of what might be the problem or has been thru this.... any HELP appreciated

      thanx much..