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    Caller ID Display


      Sorry if this is covered elsewhere.  I tried a search, and didn't get any results.


      Is there any way to change the Caller ID display for my Verizon phones when I call a landline?  


      Just recently, my wife's phone started showing up as "LASTNAME B" - in other words, our last name, but the "B" is my first initial, not hers.


      Basically, she wants people to know that it's her calling, which is rough when it is showing up with my initial.


      (My other 3 phones show up as CELL PHONE PA; I'm not sure why hers is different.)



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          I know with Alltel, one could call in and have whatever listed when calling someone. Cant hurt to try with Verizon.

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            I wanted to see if there was a simple, known solution before I called support.  Thanks!



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              Unfortunately no. CS would have to make the change in their system

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                You can visit the contact us link to send an email to request the changes be made to your account. Unfortunately you will need to contact customer service to have the changes made.

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                  I Just spent 30 minutes on the phone with the Verizon Business Service Center and the supervisor assured me their is no possible way to change how your phone appears on a landlines caller ID, other then wireless caller and your cell phone number as registered with the network. So Morgan, I don't know what your talking about. I would love to hear how to go about doing this as I am sure thousandsof others would as well, so please explain what you meant when you said "call customer service to make those changes"





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                    my husbands just started showing upon landlines as his name instead of PA and  the number. However mine is still saying PA. we did not call and speak to anyone. Im scratching my head on this one

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                      Just today my name started displaying on land line caller ID's.  This is a problem for me.  My wife is the user of the phone, I just pay her cell phone bill as my company gives me a cell.


                      I called VZW and they made the change to cell phone, told me to *228 option 2.  I did that but the CID is still showing up my name on the land line phone.


                      I called back and the operator said i can't be changed and asked why up to this point it was not showing.  She hadn't a clue why.



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                        Call tech support , not CS and ask them to change the name assigned to the number. It may take up to 72 hours for the change to take effect. 


                        I do hope VZW is FINALLY flipping the switch to show ID, but the accounts with multiple lines will have all the phones with the account owners name until changed.

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                          Hmmm, I called customer service a while ago (months?) to have our billing statement reflect the names of the family members that actually used the phones/numbers on the account.

                          Is this the same thing that shows when you call a landline with caller ID? (we don't have caller ID on our landline, we rarely use it anymore). The first time I called to have the name associated with each number they totally messed it up - I called to correct and this time the names are almost right - they misspelled my daughter's name and my husband has my middle initial, but it's a heckuva lot closer to reality than it was!!

                          Is this the same thing that shows on caller ID? Or is that something different?
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