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    Downloading Backup Assistant to HTC Eris


      How do I download the BA to my Eris?  The online instructions are not for this device.

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          BA is not used on smart phones. Contacts are synced with your Gmail acocunt. Do you ne4ed to know how to get your contacts from BA to your phone?

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            1. Select “Get it Now” or “Media Center” from the device’s menu, then select either “Tools on the Go” or “Browse & Download”.


            2. Select “Get New Applications”.


            3. Select “Business Tools / Information”.


            4. Select “Backup Assistant” and press OK.


            After downloading the application follow the instructions for syncing your contacts to the Web.


            1. Go to Verizon Wireless and log into My Verizon.  If you do not already have a My Verizon login and password select the “register” link.

            2. On the My Verizon landing page select “My Contacts” from the quick links menu on the right side of the page.

            3. Export the .csv file:
            a. Select the contacts that you want to export. If you want to export the entire list use "Select All".

            b. Select the "Export Contacts" function.

            c. Select the option to export contacts in "CV (Outlook)" format.

            4. Save the exported .csv file to your computer.

            5. Go to mail.google.com and log in. You will need to register for an account if you do not already have one.

            6. Select “Contacts” from the menu on the left side of the screen. Once on the contact page select “Import” in the upper right hand corner.

            7. Follow system prompts to import your .csv file.

            8. Activate your Android device.

            9. Sign into your Gmail account on your DROID. Contacts will sync automatically over the air.
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              Nice cut and paste reply, now how about how to really do it since what you posted DOES NOT WORK!!!


              For one they call your old phone and new device (ie your Android device),  "the device" which is confusing to people that don't know that they don't mean your new device but your old phone to download the software onto.


              The biggest problem right now is with the new My Verizon, the contacts hyperlink is just a circular path that does nothing and never brings up the contact list on any of my 4 numbers. The B/U Assistant site is also a failure with no contact list, just an option to download the software.


              VZW has been having some horrible problems with their website lately and hopefully this will get ironed out in a few days but so far any contact manipulation I have done has been manually on my Android Device.

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                Okay. First of all Backup assistant is not needed for any Android Device. Though we can thank TheGreatOne for her attempt anyway.


                Everything, all your contacts, app history, purchase history, phone numbers, everything  is stored in your Gmail account. If you log into your Gmail Via desktop you can click the 'contacts' tab to look at all your contacts.


                They are nearly instantly synced with your gmail the second you're connected to 3G. Hope this helps.

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                  Where can I view my app history in Gmail?

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                    Boy did you find an old post! Not really sure if you can do what you are asking. I do know as of today there is a web based version of the Android Market. There you can log in with your gmail account and you might be able to get your application history. Search for Android Market with your desktop browser.

                    You can see your purchased applications when logged into your gmail account at Google Checkout.