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    Customer Service Feedback


      I don't like filling out surveys because they are usually designed by people who have no interest in actually using them.  So I will give my feedback here.


      I just got done with a Customer Service call, and am very angry about it.  My question was simple: are phone applications covered under the 25 MB a month data allowance?  Not only did the Service representative not know, she gave me examples of what her daughter does with her phone and what she thinks might be covered under it.  Guess what?  If you don't know the answer to my question, stop wasting my time by guessing and transfer me to someone who does.  It's that simple.

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          The download of the application is covered in the 25MB.  So, if an application is 1.98MB and you haven't used your 25MB allowance that month, you will not be charged for those MB.


          The cost of the application, however, is NOT covered.  You will still have to pay the one-time fee or monthly subscription to use the application.


          You should fill out the survey, especially if you use the name/badge # of the person you talked to, it will get back to them.