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      Im currently on a 2 year contract which ends on October 11 of this year.   If I was to was to cancel right now what would the ETF be.   I have the Nationwide Talk 450 plan and was thinking it just may be cheaper to cancel and make a move right now to AT&T and the iPhone rather than riding out the contract unless my math is screwy.



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          Your ETF is probably $175 less $5 for each full month of service you have completed.  If you bought a smartphone after a certain date, though, it would be $350.  You can cell CS to confirm your ETF.  The minimum ETF is $60 ($175-$5x23), so it may be better to just wait out your contract.

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            Thanks I'll probably wait out my contract then cancel in October.   I have a non smartphone the LG EV2 btw. 

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              If a customer cancels service early or if Verizon Wireless terminates their service for good cause, then the customer is charged an ETF (Early Termination Fee) per line of up to:

              • $175, or
              • $350 (if the customer's contract term results from the purchase of an advanced device after 11/14/2009).


              The $175 ETF decreases by $5 a month and the $350 ETF decreases by $10 a month for each full month the customer completes.


              So if your contract ends in October 2010, Your ETF would be $85.00 if you cancel now.