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    Mobile IM

      I have the unlimited text/data package.  Does this include Mobile IM?  Also, is the online picture album cost anything?  I just switched over from another company that charged me for every little thing.
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          If you have unlimited text, that includes all IM's sent and received.


          The Pix Place online gallery is free of charge to use and store a limited amount of photos. 

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            Mobile IM is considered to be an out of network message.  As long as you have a completely unlimited text package, you're all set.  Make sure it's COMPLETELY unlimited before you go crazy with it, though.  A lot of people have the $10 package, which is only unlimited to other VerizonWireless customers.  There is no data used at all for the Mobile IM application, aside from the initial acceptance of terms and conditions.  As long as you're 100% unlimited, go crazy and have fun with it!  You won't see extra charges.
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              so i see that there is an update on the mobile im...it tells me to go to media center-extras-business tools to download it....however when i press get new under the extras column...it says that it is not currently available and to try again later.


              I have been trying this for the past week and i keep getting the same message...I have a motorola Krave ZN4


              any ideas? 

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                If your device is unable to conect and giving you errors regarding not currently available, it is try the basics before calling customer support or going to a direct verizon technican in most corporate locations.


                Try *228, opt. 1 to reprogram your device, power phone off, replace battery and power back on. Try accessing again, if problem persists you may want to contact customer support or visit a direct store to have your phone examine to ensure the phone is properly programmed with the correct information on VZW's end.

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                  it still won't let me search the extras section after doing that...however, it no longer tells me that there is an update when i open mobile im...so im not really sure what is going on
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                    I downloaded Google IM to my Samsung Omnia but the software is not functional. Is the Omnia locked out of Google's IM network?