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    Voicemail Password

      Is there a way to bypass the password when checking voicemail from my own phone? A customer service rep told me there was a pause pause feature which required me to update my firmware but when I check it says there are no updates available. I have a LG Dare.
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          No firmware update needed. From your main menu go to messaging > options > voicemail #. While you are there I'd say erase *86 and put in your cell # instead in case you need to check voicemail in extended network. Then hit the options icon on the bottom right of the screen, you'll see 2-sec pause, hit that and a P comes up, put in another one, then put in your VM passcode and then a #. The VM# should look like 2125551212PP<passcode>#, save it and give it a shot.
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            Works great. I've been using the pause pause for years.
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              Just keep in mind, that if you set up your VM with the pause feature and your passcode, you give access to your VM to anyone who might happen to obtain your phone.
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                Thank you Kaiser Bob, it worked perfectly. First time I viewed this forum, I posted a question and the response was not only spot on but quick, thanks again.

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                  KaiserBob, I want to get rid of the password step in my voicemail as well. I tried your suggestion, but once I change the voicemail # from *86 to my cell phone number, I don't have any options icon on the bottom right of the screen, in order to see 2-sec pause. Could it be because of my phone? I have a Motorola W755.

                  Thanks to anybody who can help.

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                    Some phones are different - you may need to set a new speed dial. You can either access your messaging menu, go to speed dials, and select #1, then change it from *86 to *86#(pause(pause)(password)# or you can add a new contact, titled "voicemail" and if your code were "1234" for example, you would save the contact as *86#PP1234#.  The "P" will appear while you are creating a contact, and choose "options" down below. Sometimes, you may have to set a different number as your speed dial. Hope this helps!
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                      I tried the last four digits of my cell phone number but that did not work as my password. 
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                        The password is one you set up when you first set up your voicemail. If you haven't yet set one up, you need to do that.


                        Also, just a side note, I only use one (P) in my autodial sequence and it works just as well.

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                          n/m i found my answer :manhappy:

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