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    How can I talk to a REAL PERSON ??? !!!!!!!!!!


      Ok - I've been trying for 3 days now, to make a change to my cell plan and  broadband laptop plan. You cannot "downgrade" plans on the website, it states you have to call. Tried that, get the "automated attendant", who when told I want to change plans lists off 3 more expensive plans, then states to change to any other plan I have to do it online. Hmmm.... does anyone see the problem here ? The website says you have to downgrade by phone, and when you try that it states you have to do it online :smileysad:

      It would seem that talking to a real person would be the only way to do so, and I have yet to discover how....

      I attempted NUMEROUS times to send an email to them, but it will not go through - and I have tried on several different computers, and times of day.


      HELP ?