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    Pin Number?


      I can't seem to locate my pin number for  my account. I'm going to be switching services and I need my pin number to keep my same phone number. I unfortunately don't have any bills from verizon on hand. I only have access to my online account. Is there anywhere on my online account where I can find my pin number?

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          I think what you're referring to is the Billing System Password. The billing system password is the password that you set up on your account that is up to 5 characters in length and if you can't recall what you set up on the account, then go to the Contact Us link at the right corner of the Verizon Wireless website and a Internet Response agent will happily assist you OR you can contact Customer Care at 1-800-Verizon for them to update it.

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            One must set up and choose your own PIN number online. You can change it online anytime you wish. Never give your PIN number to any customer service rep, online, anyone!! This is for your protection. They are supposed to let you type it in by law. Since Verizon advises it is for your use only and your security, no face to face rep. has a right to ask for it. They must allow you to type it in. Think of all the crooks they hire in stores that have access to this info. If you need to do business at a store, tell them you will type it in or you'll go elsewhere. Verizon must advise its vendors that customers have a right to keep their PIN number sacred and they should not be asking for PIN numbers but they should be asking for you to type them in. Best Buy actually asks for the PIN number and advised me they know what it is/shows up on the transaction sheet. i wonder if verizon knows about this. Its also referred to as your billing password/PIN number