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    Blackberry Tour 9630 updated to 3/29/2010


      Found a support site for the Tour @ http://support.vzw.com/system_update/bb_tour.html  that says Update coming soon.


      Crackberry.com found some leaked information that the update will be version


      Haven't found an official/unofficial change log. But Crackberry.com did list some of the key improvements in the new software:


      • Camera - Smoother operation in both camera and video applications.
      • Calling - Improved Bluetooth functionality for last number dialed, enhanced functionality for Voice Activated Dialing in both French and English, improved missed call log showing missed Call Waiting calls, and upgraded Call Waiting caller ID and call timer.
      • Messaging - Improved functionality for reading, sending, forwarding, and deleting SMS messages as well as corrected in-box display when in holster.
      • Bluetooth - Improvements in operation when using VZ Navigator
      • Push To Talk - Push To Talk capability Software Availability



      I'll work on trying to find a more detailed change log for the update, but for now read Crackberry's article here.



      Looks like the wait is finally over, folks. Let's just hope it was worth it.

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