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    OS Update for 8530 to Official




      Those of you with the Curve 2 8530 have an update to  Go to Verizon's web site to download and install at http://vzw.smithmicro.com/blackberry/  Be sure to back up your device before installing.




      Ps:  No, don't ask about the Tour update...It's coming...one day...

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          Downloaded and installed the newest OS yesterday.  It seems to have taken care of some the issues I have had like latency/hesitancy when scrolling through icons, etc. 


          However, I am having many issues with using BBM.  This program seems to like to freeze up.  I can go in and out of the app but functionality has been limited to not being able to send out messages or view current conversations.  I have done the battery pull etc and it fixes the issue but only for so long.  I have .57 version of BBM.


          Other than this issue (which to me is major since I use this app constantly) the new OS seems a lot better than the previous.

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            I'm having problems with my BlackBerry Curve 8530 after the update.


            After updating, many of my settings have been changed in ways I can't seem to fix. A big frustration: locking my phone (if that's what it's called?) by holding the 'star' key (which is also clearly labeled with a lock, indicating this is the way to lock down my phone so i don't pocket-dial) works just fine, but suddenly to unlock my phone I must press the 'mute' key at the top of my phone to unlock the keypad, instead of hitting 'star' then 'send'-- which I would like to revert my settings to be.


            Additionally, it takes a lot of precision to hit the 'mute' key just right in order to unlock my phone. I'm afraid the button is going to break every time I dare touch it. However, I won't risk the issues that go along with pocket and in-purse dialing and keypad entries-- so I'm stuck here.


            Also-- my emails aren't pushing to my phone anymore, and seemingly, my BlackBerry Messenger isn't functioning either. Can anyone help me with any of these MAJOR issues?


            I can live without changing the multiple other irritating things now going on with my phone (example-- no longer can make Facebook stop syncing my calendar with my phone, even though I edited settings on the Facebook application on my Curve to stop syncing-- still shows up on my Curve calendar) but the problems with email/BBM/manually unlocking my phone are turning out to be extreme issues for me. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

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              I can say that I have not had many of these issues and I cannot say why they are occuring but there are fixes for some of them.


              To turn off the lock feature, go to Options >Security Options >General Settings >Security Timeout.


              Now for the emails, do you have 3G connection right now?  Also you may need to try calling *228 option 2.  Then lastly try the battery pull to see if this fixes the issue. 


              If you do not have 3G/1XEV then your BBM and email will not work as they require a data connection.