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    Screen Orientation


      Just got my Droid.  I have a question about the way the screen orientates itself though.


      1.  When the phone is closed ( the Keyboard is not open), is the home screen supposed to rotate with the phone?  Currently it stays at the position it would be when the phone is vertical.  Its kinda of annoying, since im not a big fan of the keyboard.  However, when I slide the phone a 1/4 inch open it then rotates. 


      Will 2.1 fix this? 


      2.  Can anyone suggest a good cover for the phone?  I want one that is super thin so it still works with the docking station.  The ones at the store make the phone feel huge, which doesnt make any sense to me.  Someone should make a thin cover that basically protects the corners if dropped.  If theres one out there let me know.


      3.  Has anyone had issues with the network extender?  It worked for my blackberry, and works for the droid but I seem to have lost like 75 feet with it.  I basically have to be in the same room as the extender.  And whats even more annoying is the second I stand outside, I cant pick up the extender even though the window where it is is within 25 feet.  Its almost like when I have 1 bar the phone uses the network instead of the extender.



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          go to settings:sounds and display: orientation...check or uncheck the box to change direction of screen

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            Unless the keyboard is open, the home screen does not rotate.


            I have checked and double checked those preferences

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              You do realize that the default ROM in the Droid does not do 360 degree rotation, correct?  It will only go into landscape mode when the "top" of the phone is on the "left" and the bottom is on the right...


              Are you possibly trying to rotate the phone the other direction?


              If you download a game that uses the accelerometer (Steamy Windows is a good one to try), or Google Sky Maps, does the phone indicate that the accelerometer works with other apps?  It's possible you have a faulty accelerometer in the phone. 

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                Below is part of a thread on the issue. Seems that Motorola decided not to let the homescreen rotate unless slider open, or in dock. The entry below is from Matt, the Forums Manager. You can try using Home++ or PandaHome too.  https://supportforums.motorola.com/thread/16334?start=0&tstart=0



                 DROID : Auto-Landscape on Home Screen Hello again. Time to repeat the basics. This thread is simply too long for anyone to keep track of what's what.... unkilbeeg had it right. The agent response about a this being a bug that will be fixed on Dec. 11 is not credible. Any date you have heard about when a software update might be released and what it contains is pure speculation, with two exceptions. I have previously posted that the issue with an echo and inconsistent camera autofocus will be corrected in the first update. The current rotation scheme is not a bug, but a decision. The fact that some people saw it work differently for a few days when new is a regretable mystery. We are aware that many owners on this thread would prefer a full rotation capability. I will leave it to you to determine why the device rotates to portrait during a phone call when in the navigation dock. (It is true that the navigation dock can rotate either way...) I'm wondering if I should lock this thread and simply start a new one with the basic facts established up front? That way we can -- if we wish -- continue this conversation without having to take an undergraduate course in auto-landscape thread history before making a comment. As it is, half the comments are going to explain why the other half have been previously made and possibly debunked.