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    Porting to another cell provider. Who to call?


      I want to port my Alltel/Verizon phone number to another cellular provider.  My Verizon account is in good standing and I am off contract.  But when the other company requests the port, it is denied by Verizon.  Apparently no reason is given in the transaction, so the other company doesn't know why it is denied.  I don't know who to at Verizon I can contact to clear this up.  Any help?

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          I would suggest you call the Verizon Wireless Port Center at (866) 465-5418

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            Thanks for that suggestion.  That number has an automatic answering system that wants to know the phoe number I am porting TO Verizon.  I entered my number, but of course, they do not have a record of my request to port TO Verizon.  I want to port AWAY from Verizon.  That number doesn't help.

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              If you're savvy with that IVR sometimes when it errors out it will transfer you to a port center rep. 


              Also, just make sure that all the information you're giving the new service provider is correct. Typically they'll need your phone number, account number and password. They also need to know the account owner's name and billing address. Double check that stuff to make sure it's correct. 


              Otherwise I would just call VZW CS directly. Ask them what's up with your account. If needed they can transfer you directly to a live person in the port center and they can check it out. 


              I'm surprised that your new service provider didn't have it's own port center, or if that's who you talked I'm surprised they weren't able to tell you what's wrong. 


              VZW outsources it's port center reps to a center in Oregon, mostly, and they're always extremely knowledgeable. Their tier 2 reps are especially savvy with the whole porting process and the typical problems that come up.