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    VZ Navigator 5.1.0


      The latest upgrade is a disaster.  Is there any way to downgrade?  How can I "go back" to the previous version which was on a level that could actually compete as a GPS navigation system.  This is AWFUL, and useless, and dangerous.


      Is this possible?




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          There is not a way to downgrade to the old version of vz navigator.

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            bosslady85 wrote:

            There is not a way to downgrade to the old version of vz navigator.


            "downgrade" ???


            How is going from this software that doesn't work back to a version that works and I was gladly willing to fork out $10 per month per phone a downgrade? Make both versions available and let the consumer decide what they want for their money.

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              I like the new version. Version 4 for the BBery used to recalculate routes for no reason, even when following the directions. In addition, Version 4 for feature phones had "say it" technology, which the Blackberry was missing.


              Version 5 offers:


              - improved maps

              - improved speed

              - faster recalc

              - "say it" although I haven't yet used it.

              - more features


              There is one bug I noticed, the inability to delete one contact. Some minor interface issues with the trackball have to be cleaned up and there should be an easy, easy way of exiting the application. All told the release is head and shoulders above Version 4.

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                Your claim --


                Version 5 offers:


                - improved maps


                Nonsense.  It offers a map which is so tiny it is no longer decipherable.  It is useless, unless I badly need to know in a vague sort of way that I will be traveling "north" on this trip.  I could not disagree more.


                - improved speed


                Huh?  Mine has been MUCH slower, at every stage.  Slower to begin the software. Slower to get to the point of navigating.  Slower (MUCH SLOWER!) to figure out where I am at a given moment. Slower to calculate the route.  Slower to change menus.  On many of the menus, pressing a simple down arrow is now so slow that I press a second time, thinking that I might have missed, only to finally have it kick in and move, and then move again, for the second time pressed.


                Much slower.


                - faster recalc


                Nope.  DEFINITELY not.



                - "say it" although I haven't yet used it.


                Try it.  Have fun.  Knock yourself out.  It is not ready for prime time.


                - more features




                Are you rferring to the ability to update your FACEBOOK status?




                They LOST the ability to even see the next step on any given trip.  In fact, they lost the ability to see all of the various steps on a given trip, so you might confirm if that is the way you really wish to go.  This is MAJOR.


                They lost the ability to add a favorite without jumping from one part of the program to another, and then back...


                They lost the ability to delete a single favorite.  OUCH!


                They also downsized fonts, added meaningless clutter to a tiny screen, and the abaility to actually see and make sense of the screen.


                We could not disagree more.


                This is a disaster.


                Verizon, fix this.



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                  To me the positives outweight *your* negatives. I think it depends on if you were using the version for a Blackberry or not. V4 for BBery was a step down from Version 4 for feature phones. Version 5 for BBery is much, much better, especially with the contact integration.


                  I don't know about you while tooling down the highway I never use the phone. I hit the speak button to hear the next step.


                  Facebook, while I'm sure some would like that, to me it's superflous.

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                    The new version is very frustrating to use.  :smileysad:


                    I use navigation alot!  I drive around locally and need it.


                    They took away features that I used ALL the time.  When navigating to a place say like "Sears" for instance, with the old version <while navigating> I can hit my call button and the phone number to the place would come up and I call.  The new version doesn't do this.


                    The old version I could scroll back and ahead to get travel information. I can't do that with this version.


                    The old version had "location info" while navigating.  It would tell me how fast i'm traveling.  Can't seem to find it with the new version.


                    When I need to find a list of places its hard to go to the next page because the button is so tiny.


                    I'm  thinking I may just go buy a GPS.


                    Bring back the old version!

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                      I have to agree, the new version is really horrible.


                      None of the features I was happy to have VZ Navigator for are there, and as someone else said, I can barely see the map anymore.


                      Not to mention I can't seem to figure out how to scan ahead or back for the next/prior direction which is really important.


                      Overall a really bad product, and one which is making me think about cancelling my account (yes, even early) as the primary reason I have the phone and plan I do is for the VZ Navigator.

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                        Is anyone at Verizon listening?


                        This so-called "upgrade" is one huge step backward.  Please put the previous version back, and call it 5.2 if you need.  It worked.  It was a real Navigation program.  Then, if you want to market the "new" features, you can simply list all of those valuable ones that were removed.


                        C'mon.  This is a no-brainer.


                        I am sorry that my frustration is coming through.  It is also my wife's frustration (and also that of a lot of customers, as evidenced by those few who have found a way to voice it by stumbling in here).


                        PLEASE put back the ability to see the next "leg" on a trip -- and in fact, all of the future legs.  You HAD it?  Why was this (basic) feature removed?   This is critical.  Now, my Navigator steers me to routes I do not wish to follow, and I do not realize this until it is too late.  This is basic.  C'mon.  Now, this thing will steer me down roads from one red herring to the next, from one wold goose chase to the next, until (after six turns, and 4 and a half miles) I realize it is trying to take me onto the ramp to I-290 west, which is under major construction, and experiencing an average 55 minute delay during any periods of rush hour...    But I have no way of KNOWING that, so I blindly follow the instructions, one leg at a time...  Grrr!


                        PLEASE give us back the ability to choose a "recent" address with only one or two keywtrokes -- instead of six to ten.  (hit to scroll past the time and temp, hit to scroll to the right, hit to choose, hit to scroll down to address, hit again to scroll down to address, hit to select, hit to scroll down, hit again to scroll down, choose favorites,  scroll to a favorite, now hit to "Navigate" using lower left button, and -- IT STILL does not navigate.  Hit enter to navigate again.  Finally, I hear the voice...  "Calculating Route."  Arrggh!   That is eleven "hits" and that assumes the place I want to go to is at the TOP of my Favorites list...  ARRRGH!  Who made this decision?



                        PLEASE give us back the ability to choose a "favoritet" address with only one or two keywtrokes -- instead of six to ten.  Or more.  See the above, it is the same, sometimes worse.


                        PLEASE give us back the ability to dial the number for a place, once we have designated it.


                        PLEASE give us the ability to customize our screens and get rid of the useless **** / self promtion / advertising that clutters up our screen.


                        PLEASE give us back the screens which were readable...  larger fonts...  less busy...    These things are being used while driving, damnit.  This is a serious safety issue, in case you have not figured this out, yet.  Dividing my screens up so I can now see time and temp, or what is playing at the Bijou, means you have just reduced my font size by 3/4.  ARRRGH!


                        Shall I go on?


                        Is anyone listening, Verizon?  We are trying to be patient.


                        (But I did shop for a real Navigator today...   Liked what I saw.)


                        Sad.  This is so sad.







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                          I really felt the upgrade was unnecessary. I like the look of it, but it's going to take some getting used to. The only serious problem I'm having is that there is no option to view LOCATION INFO!!! I need it! Please bring it back with the next update!

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