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        If asking about the content of the texts, if the texts have been deleted and the deleted folder (if on your phone) has been emptied, then no.


        If just wanting to know the text history in general, that is available in your myverizon.com account.

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          what i ment was there any way to get the text history from verizon...

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            You can see phone numbers you messaged or what phone numbers messaged you.Date/time/how many messages were used is also there. That's it you can get. Log into your verizon account-->under cell usage-->go to view my usage-->look up messaging part-->view usage/details



            How do I retrieve text and picture messages after I have deleted them from my wireless phone?



            At this time, there is not way to retrieve a text, picture, or video message without a court ordered subpoena.  If you do have this document, please contact Verizon Wireless with your request at: