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    BlackBerry Curve 8330 Not Charging through wall or car charger -usb/pc will charge though.


      Ok here we go again (posted about this before and I can't find my previous post -sorry around 11/2009). 


      This is my second BB Curve 8330 in 4 months.  Bought my first one and within the month having charging issues w/ data cable and wall charger...they would both work sometime then maybe one or the other and I got fed up...got the wall charger exchanged and the same thing...then went back to store and got phone exchanged....still not quite right, but data cable will charge....ordered car charger some weeks ago and it wont charge the device and neither will the wall charger.  I didn't have time to go into the store so i called b/c  i need my wall and car charger to work or at least one since i'm not around a computer all the time.  i called verizon and they will replace the wall and car charger b/c my device is still charging by the usb cable....in about 2 days when i get them, we will see.


      i hope i don't have to exchange my device again...really, but if i do, do i have to get the same phone...don't get me wrong  i love my curve but do i have to get the same model/version again?  i really don't want another one if i will keep having this problem....and yes, i did plug up the wall charger in a different place to make sure it wasn't my home electricity.....fingers crossed...please offer advice/thoughts...thanks.

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