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    changing my primary gmail account on my droid


      When I initially activated my phone I got locked out of my biz account gmail & I had to download my contacts onto my personal gmail account. How do I switch to my biz account to sync with my calendars? All the contacts I add in my phone end up in my personal e-mail file. 

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          Try syncing your business gmail account to your phone by following these steps below. After this is done you should then have the option to pick which account you would like to use.


          Google data synchronization


          Find it: Menu > Settings > Accounts & sync

          -The Google apps on your phone give you access to the

          same personal information (emails, events, and

          contacts) that you have on a computer using Gmail,

          Calendar, and Contacts. It’s easy to synchronize the

          Google apps information you want to keep up to date.


          Select apps to synchronize


          1 Touch Background data.

          Tip: To save battery power do not touch Background


          2 Touch Add account to add the apps you want to

          synchronize, like Google, Facebook, or Corporate.

          This information and more can be found by following this link to the Motorola Droid user manual: http://infomanagerdoc.ddc.vzwcorp.com/EQUIPMENT_GUIDE/equipment_guide/WEP/Manual/Motorola/droid.pdf