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    Droid: Emails Not Syncing


      I searched the forums here about my issue, however, I was not able to find anything that helped.


      I have two Gmail accounts set up on my Motorola Droid. Sometimes my emails come right through to my phone. Other times they don't. I will receive the emails on my computer, but in order to get them on my phone, I will have to refresh both inboxes individually.


      It's a bit annoying to not get notified of an email right when it comes through, but it's not a major issue or anything. Is there anything I can do to fix this? Or will I just have to wait for a fix whenever an update comes along?

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          Well, I just happened to read some of the comments in the market for the Advanced Task Killer app. Someone said that it was preventing emails from coming through on time. I uninstalled the app, rebooted the phone, and now I seem to be getting my emails just fine. I even sent myself quite a few emails to each of my two accounts to test it out.


          I installed Advanced Task Manager instead since I need something to shut down Twidroid and Weatherbug so they aren't updating constantly. So far so good! *fingers crossed*

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            Well, for a few hours uninstalling Advanced Task Killer had fixed my issue. However, I haven't gotten any email notifications sent to my phone since yesterday (2/23) evening unless I refreshed my inboxes myself.


            Both of my accounts are synced. My notifications are turned on. Any other recommendations on how I can fix this?

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              I have the exact smae problem - the mail only sync's if I turn the phone off and restart it!  What a **bleep**!  I am desperately hoping this is going to be fixed.


              I have only WeatherBug (set to check every 1 hour) on my device.  What else could be stopping the mail service from checking according to the frequency (15 minutes) that I have set? 


              Coming from a BlackBerry Pearl this Droid is a huge disappointment in this area.

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                For users of Avanced Task Killer, did you add E-Mail and GMail to the ignored list?