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    International Data Plan


      Hey I am very confused with how the international plan works. I have been told many different things by many different people. I switched from At&T to verizon about a month ago. The sole reason I switched is because I was told by a verizon store REP that Verizon has ultmd domestic and international data for 65.00 a month. I said ok set me up. I then went over to Germany and racked up a 325.00 phone bill in 5 days because of "roaming charges". I then called Verizon Corporate and went to a Verizon store, both telling me I was misinformed there is no such thing as Unlimited International Data.  They said the only thing they have is the 20mb plan for 29.99 a month. OK


      Then I was talking today with a Co-worker and she said that she does get the Unlimited for the 65.00 a month... SO WHATS THE DEAL???? I am sooo confused. She said she has had Verizon for 8 months now and has never had a problem with high bills when traveling internationally.....


      I then looked on the Verizon Site. I saw that there is an UNLIMITED Global EMAIL plan for 65.00 a month.... What is the difference between the two???? Unlimited Global Email and Unlimited global Data??? Can anyone help me with this?? BC I am starting to get very frustrated... If my co-worker isnt having a problem then why am i???? 


      P.S. Is your blackberry always going to be roaming outside of the U.S.??? Because when I had my huge bill thats what it said the costs were towards, ROAMING???? Co-worker also says she doesnt roam.. Is there a certain thing I have to switch on my phone???