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        A quick search in the Messaging (Text, Picture, IM, etc.) board will give you a clear answer: No.


        It is not possible to get records that include the content of texts without a court order. As the account holder, you can see what numbers were texted to/from and when, but not the content.

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          greg79 wrote:

          Is there a way to set up a cell phone so that when a text is sent from my daughters phone on our family plan, that a duplicate copy of the text is sent to my phone? No, there is no way to automatically get duplicate texts sent to your phone, or comluter, or anywhere.  Can someone suggest another way of monitoring texts without taking the phone away from her and reading the texts?  That was a provision of our kids having unlimited texting - they knew we could take their phone and read through past messages at any time - and if we found they were deleting "selectively" or just clearing it all too often - texting was taken away for a time.  That actually never happened, they were all very responsible, conservative users of texting!, and they are all over 18 now. We made it clear and they understood that it was a condition of us paying for the phone for them-we were ultimately responsible for what happened on their phones, so we needed to know...

          Concerned DAD.