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    Connecting MiFi2200 to Vista Laptop & HP Desktop~Problems!


      Hi...We successfully hooked up the laptop to connect wirelessly to the MiFi2200, the desktop runs perfectly fine when the USB is plugged into the desktop...problem is when it is plugged into the desktop the laptop does not recognize the wireless and cannot connect.  Also cannot get the desktop to connect wirelessly.  We have a Lynksys router and not sure how to hook that all up to connect wirelessly to the desktop, and be able to have both connect wirelessly at the same time.  Ideas??? 

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          Try using these steps below, in case certain settings need to be updated or changed. This may resolve the issue that you are having with connecting the MIFI to your laptop and desktop.

















          To connect to the MiFi Settings in the MiFi 2200, follow this procedure:

          1. Establish a Wi-Fi connection to the MiFi 2200.


          Use your normal Wi-Fi manager on your computer to establish a Wi-Fi connection


          The Wi-Fi settings must match those in use on the MiFi 2200. If using the default


          Welcome Page

          The Welcome page is displayed when your first connect to the MiFi Settings in the MiFi 2200,

          prior to login. This page provides some status information, but no configuration changes can

          be made until you login.


          The “


          ” field is on the top right of the screen. Login requires only a password – there is no


          Once you login, the

          Welcome page changes to the Home



          The menu is now displayed, allowing you to navigate to any of the configuration pages. The

          available pages are described in the following sections of this chapter.WLAN Profile

          The Wi-Fi Profile in use can now be changed. Just select the desired profile, and click

          the “


          ” button.

          Changing the WIFI profile will terminate all Wi-Fi connections to the MiFi 2200,

          including the connection to the Web-based UI.

          You must re-connect to the MiFi 2200 using the Wi-Fi settings of the new profile.

          Ensure you know what these settings are – check the Wi-Fi screen if uncertain.

          Also be sure that you check to see if the network is secure or non secure because this always play a role in the connection.


          This is almost identical to the Welcome page, but now some configuration options are




          login name.

          Use the case-sensitive default password: “admin”.


          4. The Welcome Page appears.


          settings, refer to the Quick Start Guide for the default values. If you have

          previously changed the default profile on the MiFi 2200, or are using a different

          profile, use the values previously set on the MiFi 2200.

          2. Open your Web Browser

          3. In the “Address” or “Location” bar, enter the address of the MiFi 2200:


          from your computer to the MiFi 2200.