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    using phone in India


      I need to use my blackberry in India next month for a 12 day trip.  I called and spoke to a rep regarding how it worked and am pretty confused.  I know that I'm set up to have international roaming abilities now and that if I call someone it will about $2 a minute.  I'm a little confused about the email part of using the phone internationally.  It looks like I could sign up for an international world email plan for $65 or pay by the KB used.  I don't think I will be email very often, but I do receive a lot of emails. I can't get clarification whether I am charged for receiving emails while I'm abroad?  or I am only charged for the emails I send?  If anyone can advised on the cheapest way to do this, I would much appreciate it.  I plan on making a call to the US every few days and using the email as my main source of communication.  I don't want to get home and find that because I checked emails that came through, I was charged for those KB!  That can add up!